Highly specialised training with the participation of top chefs, gastronomy professionals, confectionery and sommellerie. The learning experience is enriched by special opportunities for enhancing skills, aiming to instill passion, curiosity and culture.


Addressed to:
- Graduates from Italian Hospitality Management Institutions who have had basic experience in restaurants, albeit brief.
- To young highly motivated students with basic experience in professional kitchens, who would like to pursue a profession as a chef.


Starting date and duration:
The 5th Master Edition begins on January 13, 2020 and the residential phase (see below) ends on June 12, 2020.

The training course lasts 9 months and is organised in two phases:

- residential Phase: 5 months (800 hours) of theory lessons
- practical work in the classrooms and kitchens at Esac Training in Creazzo (Vicenza).
Classes are usually held Monday to Friday (inclusve) from 8.30-12.30 and 13.30-17.30.
Practical experience required:
At least 4 months of internship required in a prestigious Italian restaurant.


Upon completion of the entire curriculum a certificate for attendance as well as a graded assessment document is given.


Italian Haute Cuisine:Massimiliano Alajmo / Chicco Cerea / Roberto Cerea / Enrico Crippa / Giuseppe Cuttaia / Davide Di Fabio / Anthony Genovese / Philippe Léveillé / Paolo Lopriore / Norbert Niederkofler / Giancarlo Perbellini / Valeria Piccini / Fulvio Pierangelini / Fabio Pisani / Nicola Portinari / Emanuele Scarello / Ciccio Sultano / Mauro Uliassi
Fine Pastry: Corrado Assenza / Ascanio Brozzetti / Lucca Cantarin / Loretta Fanella / Emmanuele Forcone / Gianluca Fusto / Ezio Marinato / Antonio Mezzalira
Kitchen/cooking techniques: Alfredo Chiocchetti / Stefano Arrigoni / Giuliano Baldessari / Riccardo Camanini / Alessandro Dal Degan /
Silvio Giavedoni / Alessandro Gilmozzi / Diego Magro / Giancarlo Morelli / Pier Giorgio Parini / Simone Salvini
Wine studies: Mauro Meneghetti / Alessandro Tomberli / Enrico Maglio
Team Building: Giordano Frealdo
Food Cost and Catering Management: Raffaele Alajmo / Fabrizio Masiero
Food Chemistry and Physics: Davide Cassi
Nutrition and Food Safety: Mauro Defendente Febbrari
Sensory Analysis: Lorenzo Dante Ferro
Zootechnics, Agricultural and Fishery (Meat and Seafood Identification and Utilization): Filippo Scortegagna
History and Culture of Italian Cuisin: Massimo Montanari / Danilo Gasparini
Communication and social media: Claudia Zarabara / Marco Bolasco
Art and Aesthetics: Tiziana Maglione / Giovanni Turria / Fernando Rigon
Cultural Contamination: Marco Pelle / Luciano Sbraga / Mercato del pesce di Rialto / Salumi Spigaroli / Molino Quaglia / Biblioteca La Vigna / Capovilla Distillati / Grappa Nardini / Ca’ del Bosco / Azienda agricola Maculan / Bellavista / Festa a Vico / Macelleria Motta / Biennale d’arte / Macelleria Damini / Longino&Cardenal / Macelleria Rizzieri / Cantina Jermann / Azienda Agricola Gravner / Tenuta Marco Felluga / Russiz Superiore


How to apply
To apply for the 2020 edition of the Master Program, you must request an application form by first filling out and returning the Online Candidate Information Form. Once you have completed and sent the Candidate Information Form, you wlll receive a reply from us which will include all the information about the Master program.


Application Form
Upon receipt of your Candidate Information Form, ESAC will send you the Program Application Form, containing all the terms and conditions of admission. The Program Application Form is the official document, which is used to request admission to the program.

The admission criteria include an interview with the Scientific Committee.
A final selection of the candidates will be made to form class/es.
The selection will be made no later than November 2019.


Admission to the Master Course
ESAC, Spa will send the results of the selection and the letter of admission to the course, via email.
The inscription is considered complete when the candidate sends the required documents to ESAC, Spa, by e-mail.
These documents are:
• the ‘acceptance of admission' form
• a copy of the payment document (proof of payment) of the first installment as stipulated below.
Payments can be made by:
- Cheque: to the order of ESAC Spa – Vicenza and made Non-transferable
- Bank Transfer: to the order of ESAC Spa – Vicenza; Banca INTESA SANPAOLO (Vicenza branch - Contrà Porti) IBAN IT 88 C 03069 11894 100000000416


Inscription Fees
The total fee is € 13.200 + 22%, VAT due as follows:
€ 4000,00 + 22% VAT (€ 4880,00) at confirmation of admission
€ 5200,00 + 22% VAT (€ 6344,00) no later than the starting date of the Master program
€ 4000,00 + 22% VAT (€ 4880,00) within 3 months of the start of the Master program

The fee includes:
Theory lessons (8 hours from Monday to Friday).
Practical training.
Didactic material.
Lunch from Monday to Friday.
Customised Uniforms.
The fees DO NOT include accommodation during the ‘residential’ teaching phase.


ESAC Formazione has an agreement with a some hotels and apartments located in the area where students will be able to stay.


Study loans:
ESAC Spa and Confcommercio’s banking partners will evaluate any requests for study loans, up to the total cost of the Masters course.


For any information, please contact the ESAC Secretariat
Tel. +39 0444 275013 +39 0444 964300

Application form for

Fill in the following Online Inscription Form and a reply will be sent to you by email. It will include all documentation on the Masters program and the terms of registration.

Fields marked with(*) obligatory.

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