Nutrition and Food Hygiene


Mauro Defedente Febbrari

Duration: 44 hours

Students will be introduced to the key-concepts of Nutrition as an essential component of health.

They will learn the characteristics of animal and plant proteins, saturated and unsaturated fats, simple and complex sugars, vitamins, trace elements. mineral salts, cereals and derivatives, salt and salt-substitutes, spices.

Additionally, this course will cover fundamental topics related to food hygiene, HACCP procedures, legal guidelines, health facilities.

Food Chemistry and Physics


Davide Cassi

Duration: 48 hours

The course examines the main chemical elements of food and its chemical and physical properties.

Students will discover how the transformation and chemical-biochemical-microbiological-physical processes work.

They will be introduced to cooking techniques and will be instructed in the modern technologies now available to chefs.

The course will also cover new texturised ingredients and preservation methods.

Fine Confectionery


Corrado Assenza , Ascanio Brozzetti, Gianluca Fusto, Loretta Fanella, Emmanuele Forcone, Ezio Marinato, Lucca Cantarin, Antonio Mezzalira

Duration: 96 hours

This course will be given by four top-rated international Italian pastry-chefs.

Students will obtain a broad-based, highly refined and working knowledge of modern confectionery.

Sensory Analysis


Lorenzo Dante Ferro

Duration: 16 hours

The course will provide training in the principles of visual, olfactory and gustatory sensory parameters

and the extraction and distillation of perfumes. The students will receive instruction on aromatic raw materials and their use in the kitchen.

Olfactory communication strategies will be also covered.

Wine studies


Alessandro Tomberli , Mauro Meneghetti, Enrico Maglio

Duration: 32 hours

This course will offer an overview of viticulture and wine making both at a national and international level.

The students will learn techniques of wine tasting and professional wine service and be instructed on food and beverage pairings, typical regional products and Italian distillates.

Food Cost and Catering Management


Raffaele Alajmo , Fabrizio Masiero

Duration: 24 hours

Through this course students will acquire the skills needed to effectively manage a catering company including internal control implementation, budgeting, performance monitoring, forecasting, marketing strategies, customer trends and food costs as well as human resource management.

Communication and social media


Claudia Zarabara , Marco Bolasco

Duration: 16 hours

The course will deal with communication as a strategic element for a company's success.

In order to transmit and promote a company's identity, it has now become necessary to acquire the skills to take advantage of the media, including an in-depth knowledge of the benefits of the social networks.

Kitchen/cooking techniques:


Alfredo Chiocchetti , Stefano Arrigoni, Riccardo Camanini, Alessandro Dal Degan, Silvio Giavedoni, Alessandro Gilmozzi, Diego Magro, Pier Giorgio Parini, Simone Salvini, Giancarlo Morelli, Giuliano Baldessari

Duration: 272 hours

Lessons on kitchen/cooking techniques
with 5 specialists in Italian cuisine

Art and Aesthetics


Tiziana Maglione , Giovanni Turria, Fernando Rigon

Duration: 24 hours

Students will study the sense of philosophising and the role of dialectics and aesthetics in human expression.

The course examines the contribution of art in the development of Western thought and how artistic sensitivity influences a person's capacity for innovation.

History and Culture of Italian Cuisine


Massimo Montanari , Danilo Gasparini

Duration: 36 hours

The course outlines the history of European cuisine through the following historic ages: from the classical time to the Renaissance, passing through the medieval era.

Students will learn about the origin of gastronomy, the role of Artusi in the development of Italian cuisine and how it evolved to modern day.

Zootechnics, Agricultural and Fishing (Meat and Seafood Identification and Utilization)


Filippo Scortegagna

Duration: 16 hours

The course covers all the major topics related to the development of modern agriculture including climate and plant physiology.

It will deal with the concept of periodicity, cultivation techniques, preservation, cereals, fruit farming and organic crops. Fundamental elements of zootechnics and biology will also be part of the course as well as breeding and conservation techniques.

Fresh and salt-water seafood will be a further topic of study.

Team Building


Giordano Frealdo

Duration: 24 hours

This course will deal with the topics of self-esteem, assertiveness, dedication and leadership as well as motivation and emotional intelligence. It will highlight the importance of plan sharing and relating to group values, skills, talent and personal vision.

Particular emphasis will be placed on aspects such as person and people, the individual and the group and the culture of 'us'.

Moreover, the topics of competition and cooperation, conflict and dialogue and creating a collaborative atmosphere will also be analysed.

Cultural cross-fertilisation


Testimonials from different companies representing the very best of Italian production

Duration: 32 hours

This module allows the students to develop a greater understanding of the food sector in modern society and its cross-fertilisation with different areas.

Visits to farms, wineries, and food processing companies will enable the students to acquire an insight into the catering network.