The Master program takes place at the ESAC Centre in Creazzo, in Vicenza. ESAC is a vocational training centre where aspiring cooks and professionals can develop their skills.

The Centre is equipped with the most advanced kitchen technology, which successfully replicates modern restaurant kitchens.

The students will, particularly, have the following facilities at their disposal:

1 kitchen lab, designed and equipped like a modern restaurant kitchen;

1 Teaching kitchen equipped with modern audio-visual systems;

1 Workshop for pastry-, bread-, pizza- and ice cream-making;

1 Tasting room;

1 Reception area and bar

The ESAC Centre also has an area designated for managerial studies, including:

2 ICT lecture rooms, each equipped with 18 computer work stations;

5 classrooms, equipped with media technology;

1 workshop for practical training in;

1 100-seat conference room, equipped with audio-visual systems.