Chicco Cerea

Chicco Cerea joined the elite of Italian ‘Haute Cuisine' in 2009, when he earned his third Michelin star. It was the highest recognition possible, acknowledging his long career in the food service industry together with his family. His restaurant ‘Da Vittorio' is defined as a model of hospitality management.
Chicco - as his relatives and friends call him - is the eldest of five siblings, and grew up working in his family's restaurant kitchen together with his father Vittorio and mother Bruna. It was in that kitchen, under the experienced guidance of his father, that he realised how much he enjoyed cooking. After this first apprenticeship, he headed for more demanding challenges, and worked in some of the most reputed restaurants in the world. These engagements were opportunities to meet and learn from great chefs and to build his professional personality.
A quick look at the names of his mentors suggests how important such experiences were to his professional training: Jacques Cagna in Paris and Roger Vergé on the French Riviera, Heinz Winkler in Munich and at the mythic "El bulli" in Roses, Spain. The long training experience ended in New York, where he worked with the world-renowned chef Jean George Vongerichten and the famed restaurateur Sirio Maccioni.

His kitchen brigade is composed of 20 chefs, and together they experiment with the most innovative cooking techniques. His dishes have become a point of reference for gourmets and have been photographed and published in the most prestigious food magazines worldwide.

Chicco Cerea is the kind of chef who likes to share his knowledge and experience with all food enthusiasts. As a result, he is almost as renowned for his publications as for his career as a chef.

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