Lorenzo Dante Ferro

A rich and rewarding professional career, cultivated at an international level, eventually culminated in Master Lorenzo Dante Ferro's launching of his own business in 1982 in Terre di Mezzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia. The region of Friuli Venezia Giulia has a long tradition of the art of perfume-making, first developed during the times of the Venetian Republic.

His professional career started in Zurich, where he passed strict admission requirements and was admitted to Luzi AG as an apprentice perfumer. Later he attended the perfume school in Grasse ‘École de Parfumerie Roure Bertrand Dupont', where he was trained under the Jean Carles System. Formative work experiences followed: at ‘Compagnie d'Angeville' and at ‘Camilli Albert & Laloue' where he learnt and applied techniques of extraction and distillation of raw materials.

The subsequent time spent in London was fundamental for his growth at an international level: he worked at Bush Boake Allen Ltd, before moving to New York. There, he invented new aromatic raw materials together with Professors Richard Clive Cookson and Rahman Ansari and held these international patents to their inventions.
His prestigious career continued as a Creative Perfumer in some of the world's most renowned fragrance companies: Fritzsche Dodge & Olcott Inc. (BASF) in New York, Universal Fragrance Corp. in Brussels and at Aromessence Inc. in Paris.

At present, he studies and creates lines of personal and environmental perfumes, also customizing the fragrances according to his clients' specifications.
Lorenzo Dante Ferro is often asked to teach in university courses and is considered one of the world's leading experts on perfumes.

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Lorenzo Dante Ferro