Giordano Frealdo

Citizen of Vincenza, he finished high school in Udine and then continued to graduate from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Padua.
He gained managerial experience in Human Resources management. Beginning in a large Italian industrial group he later worked at an American multinational, progressively taking on more responsibility.
He is the General Manager and CEO of a society service provider company, of one of the most important Italian trade associations while simultaneously taking on positions in the National Secretariat.
For some years now, he has been a trainer and management consultant for companies and associations. His areas of expertise are: change management, Lean Thinking, optimisation of human resources and design and implementation of strategic plans.

He is a lecturer and speaker on the optimisation of human resources and for strategic management at Italian and foreign Business schools as well as a presenter at conferences, seminars, conferences, round tables in both in Italy and abroad.
He co-authored the book Profili d'impresa (Company Profiles) published by Pendragon 1997, in Bologna, together with Prof. Stefano Zan.
Many publications in newspaper and magazine articles locally and abroad are also some of his achievements.

Professional positions:
Member of the Board of Directors of CUOA (Vicenza): business schools in which all universities participate, some trade associations and chambers of Commerce in the North-East
A member of the local committee of the ‘Unicredit Banca d'impresa di Vicenza'
A member of the board of directors of Cesar srl, a company providing entrepreneurial education. Director of ‘Veneto Innovazione', a company regulated by the Veneto region
Member of the board of directors of ‘Informatica Vicentina', a company of the ‘Banca Popolare di Vicenza' group, in ICT.
A member of the National Secretariat of ‘Confartigianato Imprese' for Italy
General Manager of the EUMEDIS project, a joint international collaboration on quality, to which all Mediterranean countries adhere
A member of the board of ‘Centro per la produttività del Veneto' (Centre for the Productivity in Veneto), special branch of the Chamber of Commerce in Vicenza.
Manager of a course, ‘Master della Cucina Italiana' (Master of Italian Cuisine)

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Giordano Frealdo