The Master is not simply a cookery course.


The Master is not simply a cookery course.

Here, highly-trained professionals who have been working in some of the best Italian kitchens, teach kitchen/cooking techniques and the way to choose and use primary products.

It is first and foremost, a discipline which stimulates the thought process which in turn also stimulates and improves ability

To be able to express one’s own creativity one needs to start by opening one’s mind to both light-hearted and serious debate and art. Only in this way one can become aware of one’s ‘self’ and find the stimulus to follow one’s own creativity, even if others disagree. Although theory lessons are important to understand what happens in the kitchen, having hands-on experience is the main goal, where students can make use of avant-garde kitchen workshops and the most modern equipment, similar to those used in the most successful contemporary kitchens.

That which causes you to proceed lightly and freely could also, at times, cause you to swim upstream.

Thanks to the teaching staff, composed of many highly-qualified professionals, who for many years have introduced both a personal and original idea of cuisine, students will find it easy to communicate, compare different experiences and form their own ideas. One of the most fundamental objectives in teaching is to succeed in opening students’ minds to understand themselves and their own creative capacity and ability, without any preconceived ideas.

Starting from Italy, let us extend our horizons, for a freer and more creative world

Another objective of the Master, is to considerably expand the number of Italian and foreign chefs, who offer the world Italian cuisine of the highest quality.
In conclusion, the main objective of the Master is to train men and women to be technically prepared and especially ready to forge a professional career based on culture, openness of mind and a strong sense of who they are.


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